Tags And Technology

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) has currently approved eight RFID tag options for use in the Cattle Identification Program. These tags have been tested under trial conditions and have met the program’s criteria for retention, readability and ability to withstand tampering. Click here to view images of the CCIA-approved RFID tags.  

Tags are available through retailers of farm supplies, veterinarians, and other industry organizations. Further information on cost and availability of tags can be obtained by contacting tag manufacturers.

For further information about tags contact:

Ph: 800-252-7547 (Kane Vet Supplies)
ITW Reyflex
Ph: 613-342-8455 (Ketchum Manufacturing Inc.)
Fax: 613-342-7550
Zee tag New Zealand
Ph: 250-503-5150 (Remedy Animal Health Products Ltd.)
Fax: 250-503-5140

Destron Fearing
Ph: 800-328-0118
Fax: 800-328-4565
Ph: (800) 252-7547 (Kane Vet Supply for all ear tag products)
Ph: (877)333-7373 (ITS Global for reader systems and service)
Ph: 307-587-5515
Fax: 307-527-6433


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