Project Manager

Donna Henuset MBA,CMA
Project Manager, CCIA

The research results from Phase One were very positive. It was demonstrated that RFID readers in auction markets do not have a significant impact on the speed of commerce or business process if placed in the right location that is fully aligned with process flow. As a result, Phase Two is moving forward to test the integration of the RFID readers with business software to create an automated RFID system.

Another difference in this phase is that the test site personnel have assumed the role for maintaining the equipment and submitting the reports. This will allow an evaluation for the true operational costs of using RFID systems in auction markets and buying stations across Canada. The performance measures in Phase Two will benchmark the findings from Phase One but also evaluate the full impact on the test sites in the integration process.


Steering Committee

Rick Wright – LMAC Representative on CCIA Board of Directors
Gordon Cherwoniak – Agriculture Agri-Food Canada
Steve Primrose – Chair, CCIA Board of Directors
Mike Fleury – President, LMAC
Larry Witzel – LMAC Representative on IGAC
Brian Caney – General Manager of CCIA
Ross McCall – President of the Livestock Dealers and Order Buyers Association



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